Stepan Mishula

was born into a family of professional musicians in Brest, Belarus. His fate - as usually in such families - was already predetermined from childhood on and at the early age of six his parents sent him to the music school at the conservatory in Brest. The first five years Stepan took piano lessons followed by saxophone lessons from his father, Vladimir Mishula at the age of eleven. In 1994 Stepan received his first prize (2nd place) at the National Competition for wind and percussion instruments. A year later he began his studies at the Conservatory in Minsk (saxophone class of B.W. Nichkov). During this time Stepan participated in two international competitions in Gomel (Belarus) and Chisinau (Moldova) where he received first and second prizes. In 1999 he continued to study at the Music Academy in Minsk (classes of B.W.Nichkov and W.N.Ksjondz). After the successful completion of the Music Academy in Minsk Stepan moves to Munich to study at the Richard Strauss Conservatory (saxophone class of A. Legros). In 2007 Stepan took part in the competition at the Richard Strauss Conservatory where he received the special award from the Gasteig Association. In the same year, his graduate studies followed at the Richard Strauss Conservatory and a year later the talented musician was awarded third prize at the competition of the Gasteig Association. During his Master Class studies at the University of Music in Munich, Stepan founded the ethno jazz group - CITY M together with his sister Olga Mishula. After several performances in Germany various international concerts are being planned.